If you're here on this page, I am assuming your relationship with your partner is in trouble.

  • Are you feeling hopeless about your relationship?  
  • Are you wanting to have a conversation with your partner without it erupting into a fight like so many times before?  
  • Are you feeling like you don't know what to do because you've tried everything, and nothing works?
  • Are you feeling like your partner is not there for you, and doesn't even love you anymore?

I would love to help you, and your partner!  Healing can begin using an attachment-based therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), the Gold Standard of Couples Therapy.

Our initial appointment together will be for me to get an idea of how each partner experiences the moments of disconnection or distress and to begin to familiarize myself with your interactional patterns. Most typically, after our initial appointment together, I will have at least one individual appointment with each partner. The purpose of these individual sessions is to get a more in-depth history of family and relational experiences. These individual appointments tend to be a very key part of the treatment process.

Within the EFT model of couples therapy, the early stage of therapy aims to help the couple not only identify their negative cycle, but to begin to experience each other in ways that helps them exit out of it. This helps de-escalate the distress and makes room for increased safety.

While couples often feel some relief from crisis and begin to feel more connected at this stage, some of the most transformative work for partners happens during the next stage. The second stage of therapy is to begin working toward deeper aspects of healing for each partner that will deepen the intimacy and safety each partner feels. The final stage of therapy is to consolidate and solidify these changes and reinforce the more positive patterns of connection that have been developed.